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Pitcairn Islands Policies Annexes and Forms

Policies Annexes Forms
SDP 2014-2018 - Amended 11-05-2016

GPI Policy - Proposal Submission Procedure.pdf
GPI Social Support Application Form Approved 17th August 2022.pdf
GPI Social Protection Policy Approved Aug 17th 2022.pdf

GPI - Child Wellbeing Charter.pdf

GPI Policy - Post Office Operation.pdf

GPI - Education.pdf


GPI - Budgetary Aid Policy Guidelines.pdf

GPI - Employment Guidance.pdf

GPI - Employment Policy.pdf
P1891-002.0011_GPI Harassment Complaints Procedure General Complaint Form
P1891-002.0002_GPI Course of Action Form
GPI Policy - Code of Management for Pitcairn Public Service.pdf

GPI Policy - Occupational Health & Safety.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex A to OH&S - Acknowledgement Form.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex B to OH&S - Injury Incident Report Form.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex C to OH&S - Injury Benefit Form.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex D to OH&S - Project Injury Benefit Form.pdf
GPI Policy - Disposal of Surplus Government Property.pdf

GPI Policy - Business Travel Package.pdf

GPI Policy - Safeguarding Children on Pitcairn Island.pdf

GPI Policy - Guide for Visiting Vessels 12th April.pdf Updated and Current Immigration Ord Fees Notice.pdf

GPI Policy - Public Holidays & Commemoration Days.pdf

GPI Policy - Procurement.pdf GPI Policy - Annex A to Procurement Policy - The Procurement Ethical Code.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex B to Procurement Policy - Statement to confirm understanding of the PIO Procurement Guidelines & Ethical Code.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex D to Procurement - GPI Approved Suppliers.pdf

GPI Policy - General Store Operations.pdf GPI Annex A to General Store Operations.pdf
GPI Equipment Hire Record.pdf

GPI Policy - Home Support.pdf

GPI Policy - Protection of Artefacts.pdf

GPI Policy - Open Air Fires.pdf

GPI Policy - Island Council Guiding Principles.pdf

GPI Policy - Gifts.pdf

GPI Policy - Pitcairn Island Loan Scheme.pdf

GPI Policy - Pitcairn Island Personal Loan Scheme.pdf

GPI Policy - Importation of Domestic Animals.pdf

GPI Policy - Partners' communication.pdf

GPI Policy - Subsidised Travel Baggage Allowance .pdf

GPI Policy - Freight.pdf

GPI Covid-19 Approved 20th July 2022 final.pdf

GPI Policy - Immigration Visa Settlement Information.pdf

GPI Policy - Council Housing.pdf GPI Policy - Annex A to Council Housing.pdf
GPI Policy - Annex B to Council Housing.pdf

GPI Drone Use Policy Approved July 20th 2022.pdf

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